The Sanctuary is a spectacular mountaintop home on 20 acres just west of Kalispell. Situated on a grassy bench with a dramatic cliff backdrop and valley views, the 5,569-square-foot home is finished with luxurious detail, and is one of the few LEED-Certified residences in Northwest Montana, providing unparalleled energy efficiency. The Sanctuary is a world all its own, providing privacy, beauty and comfort in a unique Montana setting. Plenty of room for company with a 1-bedroom apartment, a studio apartment and more.

In the main home, floors and trim make extensive use of reclaimed barn wood, and the walls are tinted with clay paint, providing an elegant and non-toxic finish. Heating and cooling is provided by ground-source system with 10 zones, for maximum control. A Lifebreath air exchanger provides filtration, and humidity and temperature control, while a pristine spring feeds water into two underground cisterns, providing crystal-clear water to the main residence and outbuildings.

To the east of the house is a grassy meadow ideal for horses; to the west is a professionally managed forest, as well as a beautiful deer-fenced garden of native Montana plant-life surrounding a spring-fed pond and fountain.  In addition to the other guest facilities, there are two RV spaces (one serviced), so there is plenty of room to accommodate all the guests a Montana summer can throw at you.

The adjacent 50 acres of professionally maintained forest to the east of the property is also available for sale.  Some personal property is also available for sale; click here to view.

Searching for a dramatically beautiful, private retreat? You've found it.

Priced at $1,250,000 on 20 acres, or $1,449,500 on 70 acres.
  1. 5-Bed, 2-Bath Main Home
    5-Bed, 2-Bath Main Home
  2. Garage Studio Apartment
    Garage Studio Apartment
  3. Dining Hall & Commercial Kitchen
    Dining Hall & Commercial Kitchen
  4. Dining Hall 1-Bed Apartment
    Dining Hall 1-Bed Apartment
  5. 3-Bedroom Bunkhouse
    3-Bedroom Bunkhouse
  6. 4-Bathroom Bathhouse with Men's/Women's Shower Rooms
    4-Bathroom Bathhouse with Men's/Women's Shower Rooms
  7. 2 Guest Cabins
    2 Guest Cabins
  8. Immaculate Grounds
    Immaculate Grounds
  9. Additional Acreage Available
    Additional Acreage Available